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Accel World episode 1 - Acceleration

Haruyuki "Haru" Arita is a short, fat boy with low self-esteem due to constant bullying at Umesato Junior High School from a gang led by a boy named Araya. To vent his frustration, he resorts to playing squash in the school's virtual world network where he always gets the highest scores. Haruyuki's childhood friend, Chiyuri Kurashima offers to have lunch and suggests that he report the bullying to the school board, but he rejects her pity, knocking her lunch basket to the ground. Later, on returning to play squash, he discovers that his highest score was beaten by Kuroyukihime, the Student Council Vice-President, who invites him to lunch the following day. Haruyuki meets with Kuroyukihime, who offers to cable with him, shocking the other upperclassmen. She then transfers a program called Brain Burst to him. After it successfully installs, Araya shows up and Kuroyukihime provokes him into punching Haruyuki at which point she shows him how to activate the potential of Brain Burst, virtually accelerating their cognitive processes to the point at which time around them seems to stop.

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