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You are viewing Beyblade: Shogun Steel episode 4 - Defeat Pirate Orochi! (Part 2) on Beyblade: Shogun Steel episode 4 - Defeat Pirate Orochi! (Part 2) English Dubbed | Subbed online. View Beyblade: Shogun Steel episode 4 - Defeat Pirate Orochi! (Part 2) and other episodes in high quality streaming for FREE.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel episode 4 - Defeat Pirate Orochi! (Part 2)

Zyro Kurogane and Eight Unabara ready their stances, for their first battle and at the sound of "3... 2... 1... Let It Rip!", they fiercely launch their Beyblades into all the force they can achieve, they have entered the Zero-G. Eight of course, is easy-going and laid-back, thinking Zyro will not cause much damage to Eight's own Beyblade, Pirate Orochi. Zyro still, with his Samurai Ifrit do all the best they can to attack Pirate Orochi with all he can do. This turns downhill however, as Eight commands Pirate Orochi to chase Samurai Ifrit in hot pursuit. Zyro doesn't seem startled at all and turns the table on it. Eight is still though, relaxed and reassured, as if nothing Zyro does can change Eight's attitude. Mal and Madoka along with many other Bladers are the spectators with Benkei appearing to see battle unfold. Mal explains to them of the Zero-G Stadium's swaying, how it's giving Eight's Orochi the advantage and proving biased against Zyro's Ifraid. Benkei still knows that there is hope, as Zyro did not go through all that training for nothing. Eight as calm as always, has Pirate Orochi skid through the Stadium, much like how Eight rides his skateboard. Zyro is very tempted by this and tries to find out, someway to stop it. Zyro is steady, knowing he has to do something quick or fail at nothing. He has Samurai Ifrit ram at Pirate Orochi, misses, and then starts to use the swaying of the Zero-G Stadium to switch advantages. Eventually, surprising the mass audience, everyone is shocked with how Samurai Ifrit's quick advantage has done something never-before-seen. The Zero-G Stadium is actually swaying around, being very chatoic in movement, and challenging the battle even more intensely. Mal analyzes this with her BeyComputer and sees that Samurai Ifrit has greatly shifted the whole battle. While Zyro knows it is time to finish it, and so he does. He commands Ifrit, in a burning blaze of fire, while engulfed by it, commands a Special move.

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