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Ever After High

Ever After High

Series Information:

Title: Ever After High

Genres: adventure, comedy, fantasy

Vintage: 2013

Status: web episodes


Ever After High is a doll franchise released by Mattel in the autumn of 2013. It is a companion line to the popular Monster High dolls, however in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairy tales and fantasy stories. The franchise was created based upon the success of its parent line Monster High.

The Ever After High storyline is based upon the children of famous fairy tale characters attending the eponymous high school, who are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps to keep their stories alive through generations, otherwise their stories will cease to exist. However, one character is unhappy with her destiny and wishes to write her own path. A key theme is ‘Royal or Rebel’ which is between those who know they will have a happily ever after and those with less favorable destinies or those who prefer the idea of writing their own destiny.

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