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You are viewing Digimon Fusion episode 13 - Mikey, Warrior of Light! on Digimon Fusion episode 13 - Mikey, Warrior of Light! English Dubbed | Subbed online. View Digimon Fusion episode 13 - Mikey, Warrior of Light! and other episodes in high quality streaming for FREE.

Digimon Fusion episode 13 - Mikey, Warrior of Light!

As Blastmon continues his battle with Kiriha's Cyberdramon and Nene's Sparrowmon, Xros Heart then finds themselves under fire by Baalmon. When Taiki tries to get his Xros Loader, Baalmon shoots near him with the nearby cliff breaking off revealing the statue of a Digimon Goddess. When Baalmon sees the statue, he gives Taiki his Xros Loader for a fair fight, enabling him to form Shoutmon ×4. Blastmon then unleashes an attack that hits the surrounding areas causing Cyberdramon and Sparrowmon to dodge it as well as Xros Heart. Taiki ends up falling off a cliff separating him from Xros Heart and sees that the Digimon Goddess statue is still intact as Baalmon arrives and explains about the statue. Blastmon gets exhausted and falls back while Kiriha and Nene take their leave. While moving through the cavern with Baalmon, Taiki uses the Guilmon DigiMemory to clear some boulders. Baalmon later explains on how he was associated with Angemon and the other worshippers of the Digimon Goddess before joining the Bagra Empire. When they get to the surface, Taiki and Baalmon discover that Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon, and Deputymon have fallen under an evil spell. Baalmon rescues Taiki who tries to regain control of the Digimon. Lilithmon arrives with an army of SkullScorpiomon and her EBEmon. Following another flashback where he had defeated Angemon (who turned out to have been mind-controlled by EBEmon), Baalmon ends up attacking EBEmon breaking the spell on the Digimon. Before Baalmon could finish off Lilithmon, she impales him with her nails. Taiki retaliates by DigiXros Shoutmon into Shoutmon ×4 who destroys EBEmon and prevents Lilithmon from finishing off Baalmon. Baalmon ends up collapsing near Taiki.

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