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Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

Series Information:

Title: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

Alternative Title(s): Fantastic Four 2006

Genres: action, adventure, sci-fi

Themes: Marvel Comics

Vintage: September 2, 2006 to February 25, 2010

Status: completed


When top scientist Reed Richards led his team of explorers into space, they were blasted by a shower of cosmic rays. Endowed with incredible powers, their lives were changed forever as they became... The Fantastic Four! ”

World's Greatest Heroes is not directly connected to any of the previous iterations of the Fantastic Four, telling its own version of the team's origin and meetings with their greatest villains. Additionally, Johnny Storm's sister is identified as Susan Storm, implying that, like the earliest versions of the story, she is not yet married to Reed Richards but is dating or engaged to him. The series begins with the FF as already-established adventurers, foregoing an actual "origin episode" for the group. When the series was released outside of America, it featured a modified opening sequence with new narration that verbally established the origin of the team, but which did not expand on the mysteries of the origin any further.

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