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You are viewing Pokemon The Series: XY episode 13 - Kindergarten Chaos! on Pokemon The Series: XY episode 13 - Kindergarten Chaos! English Dubbed | Subbed online. View Pokemon The Series: XY episode 13 - Kindergarten Chaos! and other episodes in high quality streaming for FREE.

Pokemon The Series: XY episode 13 - Kindergarten Chaos!

The episode begins with Ash and a girl battling. She says if Ash lost, He had to spend time with her. Ash said ok. The girl introduced herself as Premier. Ash introduced himself and the battle started! Ash chose his froakie and Premier chose Sylveon. Ash starts and attacks with bubble. Sylveon counters with a fairy wind that knocks froakie into a tree. Froakie gets up but sylveon uses moonblast. Froakie jumps and throws all the apples on the tree at sylveon. They didnt notice froakie was about to attack sylveon from above! Froakie uses Water Pulse but sylveon just shakes it off. Froakie tries to finish it but sylveon uses attract. When he sees the hearts go around him, Froakie gets scared! Then he falls in love. Ash says he never saw froakie act like that. Then sylveon used draining kiss. She came over and kissed him which sucked out all his energy. Froakie is hurt. Premier gives him an oran berry but he still seems to bee in a bad mood.

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