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Sword Art Online (SAO) episode 22 - Grand Quest

Kirito rushes up to the World Tree but is blocked by a barrier. Desperate, Yui calls out to Asuna, who hears her cries and throws down the administrator's key card, which Kirito catches. Resolving to get to Asuna's location, Kirito bids farewell to Leafa and embarks on the Grand Quest himself to reach the top of the tree. Upon entering the dome at the tree's base, Kirito is faced with hundreds of valiant guardians, which he angrily battles against. Despite his best efforts, Kirito is overwhelmed and runs out of HP. Shortly after, Leafa enters the dome and grabs Kirito's flame which contains his soul, before successfully escaping to revive him. Leafa tries to talk Kirito out of re-entering the dome alone, but he remains determined. Leafa then hears him speak Asuna's name, causing her to realize that Kirito is actually Kazuto. Upon discovering one another's identities, they log out. In the real world, Kazuto then approaches Suguha, who reveals in great anguish that she had fallen in love with both of his identities and how she knew they were not true siblings. Heartbroken, Suguha shuts herself in her room leaving Kazuto outside her door in shock.

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